Short Mat Fixtures 2023-2024

Match Fees: £2.00 Home games and £1.50 away


Fee: £2.00 per session

Monday:  10.00am: Coaching session. If required please contact: Dot or Brian D.

Tuesdays:  Morning session: 10.00 to 12.30   Afternoon session 13.30 to 16.00 

Thursday:  Morning session: 10.00 to 12.30   Afternoon session 13.30 to 16.00 

Sundays:   10.00 to 12 noon

Note:  Days when home fixtures take place access to the Mats will be restricted

Wealden S.M.B.A League results

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  Date   Type Opponents/
Venue Time Result  Score League


Sept Tue  5th Friendly Hadlow Down Away 7:30pm Lost 27-42    
  Tues  12th Internal Pre Season Meeting   7:00pm                
  Thur 28th Friendly   Barcombe Away 7:30pm Win 51-38    
Oct Sun 1st Friendly   Broad Oak Away 2.00pm Lost 91-39    
  Sat 14th Internal Egg Cup   All day       Click here for Results
  Tues 17th League      Broad Oak Home 7.30pm Win 50-38 6  
  Thurs 19th Friendly    Chiddingly Away 7.30pm Lost 29-79    
  Sun 22nd League      Jarvis Brook Away 2.15pm Lost 45-57 2  
  Wed 25th Autumn Singles Knockout Comp 1.30pm Preliminary Round  
  Fri 27th Friendly    Polegate Home 2.00pm Win 73-30    
  Tues 31st League       Laughton Away 7.30pm Lost 40-47 2  
Nov Wed 1st Autumn Singles Knockout Comp 1.30pm See draw sheet for details
  Thurs 2nd Annual Dinner           
  Fri 3rd Friendly    Hailsham Home 2.00pm Win 63-38    
  Mon 6th Friendly       Gidredge park  Away 2.00pm Lost 36-65    
  Wed 8th Autumn Singles Knockout Comp 1.30pm See Diary for details
  Thurs 9th Friendly    Ringmer Away 2:00pm Lost 48-69    
  Tues 14th League     Crowhurst Away 7:30pm Lost 31-65    
  Fri 17th Friendly    Old Heathfield Home 7:00pm Win 46-40    
  Sat 18th Highfield Trophy Pairs   TBA Click here for details
  Tue 21st League      Plumpton Home 7:30pm Win 62-37 6  
  Mon 27th Friendly     Rotherfield Home 2.00pm Win 57-27    
  Tue 28th League     Old Heathfield Home 7:30pm Win 47-38 6  
  Thurs 30th Friendly   Jarvis Brook away 1.45pm Lost 33/40    
Dec Mon 4th League  Pevensey Away 7:30pm Lost 41-53 3  
  Sat 9th Club Fun Day  Triples & Pairs All Day 0.900 am       Click here for details
  Thurs 14th Fun and Skills Afternoon   1.00pm       Click here for details
Jan Fri 5th Beetle Drive      Friday 5th January 2024 POSTPONED UNTIL FEBRUARY  FURTHER DETAILS TO FOLLOW 1.30pm for 2.00pm    
  Tues 9th Friendly Hadlow Down  Home 7.30pm Win 63-26    
  Fri 12th Friendly Rotherfield  Away 2.00pm Lost 63-73    
  Tues 16th League Broad Oak  Away 7:00pm Lost 38-62    
  Fri 19th Friendly Ringmer  Home 2:00pm    Win  64-33    
  Tues 23rd League Jarvis Brook  Home 7.30pm    Win 76-41  8  
  Thurs 25th Friendly Polegate  Away 2.00pm    Lost 31-57    
  Sat 27th Internal Millenium Cup Singles All day TBA       Click here for Results
  Tues 30th League Laughton  Home 7.30pm    lost 37-57 2  
Feb Fri 2nd Friendly Hailsham  Away 2.00pm    Win 84-30    
  Tues 6th League Crowhurst  Home 7.30pm    Win 58-47 8  
  Fri 9th Friendly Broad Oak  Home 2.00pm    Win 49-44    
  Mon 12th Friendly Gildredge Park  Home 2:00pm    Lost 39-43    
  Wed 14th League Plumpton  Away 7:30pm    Lost 23-81    
  Sat 17th Internal Hobden Cup Triples  All day TBA       Click here for Results
  Mon 19th Friendly Barcombe  Home 2:00pm        
  Thurs 22nd League Old Heathfield     Away 7:30pm    Lost 37-63 4  
  Fri 23rd  Friendly  Polegate  Home 2.00pm    Win 61-22    
  Tue 27th League Pevensey   Home 7:30pm    Win 59-50 4  
Mar Fri 1st Friendly Jarvis Brook  Home 2:00pm    Win 56-30    
  Tues 5th Friendly  Polegate  Away 2.00pm    Win 59-44    
  Thurs 7th Friendly Old Heathfield  Away 7:00pm    Win 40-36    
  Fri 15th Friendly Chiddingly    Home 2:00pm    Win 57-37    
  Mon 18th Friendly Laughton     Home 2.00pm    Win 54-23    
  Sat 23th Internal Spring Pairs All day TBA       Click here for Results
  Mon 25th Internal Club Drive   2.00pm        
  Fri 5th Internal Oak Trophy Final   1.30pm       Click here for Result
  Fri 19th Internal Club Drive   2.00pm        



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